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Calendar 2018 – Charm Models

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    2018 is here, a new year with new dreams and goals. In preparation for this year and whatever it will bring, we, at Charm Studios, decided that the best way to celebrate is by creating a calendar. A calendar is the perfect symbol for a new year and a fresh started, and we wanted to take advantage of that. We figured it would be a great way to mark the passing of time, one more successful year in the history of Charm Studios.

    We spent some time discussing the theme of this calendar, and what we wanted to put in it, but then it dawned on us: what better choice for this than our pride and joy, the cam models working at our studio? As all of you know, cam models are the heart and soul of any live-cam studio. Ours are no exception to that rule, and we wanted to represent and promote them in one of the best ways possible.

    The 12 we chose are the best 12 models from our studio, in terms of perseverance, ambition, enthusiasm and earnings. They evolved alongside us and showed that they can achieve anything they want. When we told them about our idea, they were very happy about it, and enthusiastically agreed, looking forward to the final result.

    We attentively looked through all the photos of the models we chose, because we wanted to make sure that they would appear at their best. All of them have different personalities, and different vibes when appearing in photos, and so we wanted to pick the best suited month for each, to showcase their individuality and features, and allow them to shine. As you can see, some of the pictures are bold and full of sex appeal, others are sweet and sexy, others are more geared towards nature, or fashion. Lingerie is a great choice, but even the most luxurious pieces can get boring if used over and over again, and we wanted our calendar to show much more than that.

    The featured cam-model all provided their input in the selection process, stating their preferences and helping us with picking the right photos. And so, with a lot of collaborative effort, and a lot of fun, the Cam Models Calendar from Charm Studios was born. Take a look, and enjoy the view.

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